Can Heavy Exercise Really Make Wrinkles Look Worse?

This week, I give you a good advice on beauty, but also of relaxation to spend a moment well-being with yourself.


You will learn how to relax while practicing anti-aging and anti-wrinkle exercises. Plus keeping your teeth looking amazing and white


Wrinkles, we often talk about in cosmetic ads. Yet, despite all their promises, these products have a hard time erasing them since they are located at the level of the dermis which is damaged by 3 things:


Passing time

The terrestrial attraction

Repeated folds of the skin

It is therefore normal for an externally applied cosmetic to have difficulty in erasing them.


On the other hand, there is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkle gesture that few of us practice and which is nevertheless essential: it is facial gymnastics.


As I told you recently in my letter dedicated to 3 good remove wrinkles gestures, the facial gym is a pillar of the anti-aging skincare routine, in addition to scrub, massage and adapted cosmetics.


But, what is it and how to practice it?

Easy gymnastics involves consciously strengthening the muscles of the fact that we do not necessarily have the habit of strengthening when we talk or laugh.


You know of course the zygomatic muscles, which are the muscles that you activate when you smile. I hope you use it a lot!


But there are actually dozens of other muscles and some that we never activate.


However, you will agree, when you exercise a muscle it tends to tone, soften and gain volume.


This is why facial gymnastics promises a firmer face, a preserved facial oval and of course a better resistance to weightlessness!


I will not give you a facial gym class here. You can, if you wish, learn about the technique by typing on the Internet “facial gymnastics” or “facial yoga”.


I would just like to give you some good tips for getting on the track.


To practice facial gymnastics, there is no need to be an expert, but here are some rules to respect:


Practice the facial gym 5 minutes a day. I reassure you, you can practice at home but also in the car (be careful anyway!) Or more simply during a lunch break if you are alone.

Why rather if one is alone? Simply because, you will see, these exercises will lead you to make some grimaces that could be a source of mockery!


Practice in calm, being fully aware of his face. Gymnastics is practiced like yoga, in full awareness, and on one part of the face at a time.

When you start making faces, be careful not to tense or involuntarily squint elsewhere in the face to avoid making things worse.

After a good month of practice, the oval of the face is redrawn and the wrinkles diminish.


Here is the procedure to follow, inspired by my book Adopt the Cosmetic Slow  :


Warm up your mouth and neck: we start with a warm-up, very simply, to relax the facial features and prepare for the facial gym. This warm-up will be centered on the neck and the cheeks.



The first gesture consists of a forced and smug smile! It will allow us to prepare the zygomatic muscles but also the masseter muscle (in the jaw). You have to stretch your mouth to the ears by pulling a little bit. You should feel the tension in the back of the cheeks.



The second gesture is at the level of the neck. Pull your neck slightly backward gently to relax the muscles at this level. For this, simply apply the hands on the base of the neck and reject the head back, very slowly. It can be practiced ten times, in serenity, without hurting itself.



Warm up your cheekbones: this exercise involves inflating a cheek and then moving it from one to the other. This practice solicits all the muscles of the cheeks and the bottom of the cheekbones.

The trumpeter’s warm-up  : for this exercise, simply inflate the cheeks with air and then blow strongly in your folded hands by contracting the cheeks to chase the air. It must be repeated several times during the warm-up.



The message: it is possible before the session of the facial gym to practice a soft massage, on the front, on the contour of the eyes, the goal is to mobilize the tissues to soften them. For that, I advise you to opt for one of these vegetable oils Slow Cosmetics: a calendula oil, warming and soothing, and a vitaminized argan oil that has a perfect glide.

This massage will allow you to warm up and nourish the skin with essential nutrients.


Let’s move on to facial gym exercises


Do you know the smiling bulldog to erase your wrinkles?

The first part allows working the lower part of the face which is often marked by the double chin and a slackening of the skin that erases the oval of the face.


For this, I propose to practice the ”  smiling bulldog  ” …


How to do? We lower the lower lip towards the nose, forcing ourselves to smile so as to contract the muscles of the jaw. Tension is exerted on the back of the cheeks. This exercise, although ridiculous, gives very good results.


Play the ghost!

Another exercise is meant to inflate the cheekbones, I called it ”  the ghost  “.


The exercise of the ghost is not very easy to practice because it solicits muscles that we are not used to contracting.


To make it, place your indexes at the base of your cheekbones (just above the salient bone) then pronounce the sound ”  ooooh  ” by covering your teeth.


Sketch a smile, but inside to contract the cheekbones and raise the indexes of the protruding bones. It is important to go for the cheekbone muscles to lift the index finger. You must feel your cheekbones inflate and push your fingers forward and up.


The Chinese in the wind

A last exercise for the eye contour, because it is surrounded by the orbicularis of the eye which is very solicited. To inflate and erase crow’s feet, I suggest the exercise ”  the Chinese in the wind  .” Place the flat slice of your hands on both sides of your eyes and pull your eyes to clamp them. Try to close your eyes as if you wanted to protect yourself from the wind. You will feel the muscle contract. It is necessary to practice this exercise a dozen times, in calm.


Remember, there is no obligation, these exercises must be done in full consciousness to find all the vitality of your face.


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