Nutrition and Hair Straightening With Hyaluronic Acid

Many of our audience of the blog is looking for the best to fight against the frizz of their hair. They look for a naturally soothing, contributing shine and light to their hair, not losing the volume. does it sound like a dream come true? Well, we present the straightening of hair with hyaluronic acid and everything you need to know about it.

Hyaluronic acid is a protein that is found throughout the body naturally, mainly in the skin, individual property is to maintain body hydration and therefore also in the hair. This property disappears over the years and the loss of hydration ages our cells.

It has already been a success in rejuvenating facial treatments and now for hair hyaluronic acid is a product of topicality and trend in its repair.

Its benefit is due to the high level of hydration it provides to the hair structure and compensates for the effects of the sun, chemical treatments such as dyes or wicks, natural dryness, and curling of the hair, which generate water loss in the nose leading to breakage of hair — the fiber and loss of brightness.

The main asset of hair treatments is the hyaluronic acid molecule, other amino acids and vitamins are also incorporated in this organic formulation that restructures the hair fiber from the inside out. G thanks to this acid more water which considerably improves hair hydration is retained.

In the hair, it is mainly used attached to the collagen to fill the eroded areas of the hair providing more density; we also have. As a result of a lot of shine, hair nutrition and softness to the hair fiber. This effect increases if we repeat the treatment over time.

Besides, we get a straightening, relaxing curl or antiencrespamiento similar to keratin. The different degrees of straightening will largely depend on the curl point of the hair initially.

The duration of the service in the hairdressing salon is usually between 2-3 hours depending on the quantity and length of the hair.

In no case have side effects, unless you are allergic to some of its components.

It is compatible with the same day color although we will take into account the color tone since this will determine if we will do it sooner or later so that there is no loss of reflection.

What is the duration and maintenance of hair straightening with hyaluronic acid?

  • The duration of the smoothing of hyaluronic acid is similar to other treatments that are usually between 2 and four months depending on the type of hair and its care
  • Also by the repetitions of this service, the effect is being accused, and the duration is increasing.

In terms of maintenance, you do not have to take special care; you will treat it like healthy hair. Of course, we recommend specific products, such as shampoos without sulfates that on the one hand do not carry hyaluronic acid and conditioners that replace the active ingredients that are lost in washing, beach, brushing.

How to comb my hair after having my hair straightened with hyaluronic acid?

Due to the lack of time and the need to have a good image, the last generation treatments such as keratin  (Click on the link and read our article 6 reasons why to get a Keratin treatment )

Hyaluronic Acid

They seek to make life easier for women and always to be combed.

We never forget to tell our customers that the belief that it is washing and ready, the hair is hairdressing or smooth Japanese, this is false and we advise therefore that the final result of the hairstyle also requires a minimum of attention.

We can leave the hair to dry in the air applying some texturizer, and it will remain a natural effect.

If we want something more smooth, we must give a light touch of dryer or iron (without forgetting the thermal protection) since the treatment is activated by heat.

Another option is also the drying with a diffuser, looking for that natural wave but without the previous frizz, we will also put a texturizer with thermal protection for curly hair and dry them without touching too much so as not to break the wave.

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