The Most Simple Yoga Routine To Follow

As yoga becomes more and more popular we see more and more yoga studios and yoga classes opening across America and Europe. These studios usually offer a plethora of classes to fit the needs of their many students. Yoga routines for healing, for meditation, for cleansing, for stress relief, and for inner peace are only some of the many examples of classes offered at yoga studios.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a place in our busy days for a yoga class. This is unfortunate because these busy days are usually the ones that will give you the most benefit from yoga. If your days of full of stress a daily yoga session can make a huge difference in your life.

For the person who wishes to practice yoga daily but cannot make it to a daily class there is a basic and quick routine you can do at home. This routine offers many of the same benefits you would receive from a longer studio class and be completed at anytime and anywhere. This basic yoga routine is an outline of a series of poses. Feel free to add and delete poses to personalize the program to your needs.

yoga posture

Step One

Step one of this basic yoga routine is to spend time focusing. Find a comfortable sitting position, breathe evenly and meditate for two to three minutes. Focus on your breathing technique and make sure you are taking deep and even breaths.

yoga warm up

Step Two

Step two is the warm up step. You can do neck rolls, shoulder rolls, side twists, toe touches, or other gentle stretching exercises. This portion of your routine should take no longer than three minutes.

yoga breathing

Step Three

This step is a simple breathing step. Inhale for a four count and exhale for a four count. Repeat this no more than ten times.

Step Four

Step four is the step used to encourage balance. The Tree pose is perfect for this step.

Step Five

Step five will lead in to your actual yoga pose, the Sun Salutation.

Stand Namaste

Right leg back and lunge

Left leg placed back

Raise hips to Downward Dog

Move shoulders to Plank

Move to prone position with elbows positioned in


Downward Dog

Right leg forward lunge

Move left leg to start

Forward bend

End with Namaste, hand together at chest

Repeat sequence on other side of body

You will end your session by doing forward bends and other stretching exercises to cool down. To relax you can lie flat on your back and bring your knees up toward your chest. End with Savasana. If you feel necessary you can also use a yoga bolster for comfort and better result.


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